Advanced learning assignment

Are there any further learning materials to help prepare for the advanced learning assignments.

I tried following the Walkthrough document but found it extremely unhelpful whether it was deliberately missing various aspects as a ‘learning’ tool or it just failed to cover areas of the development or I just didn’t know what should be being done.

If the documentation has been deliberately written to make it very difficult to complete (to show that the people that do complete it have a full understanding of the system), then well done.

I would still like to be able to learn the skills covered in this lesson as using the REFramework seems to be the way forward for actual implementations and all that we have learned so far are how the building blocks go together within that framework. it possible to have a video of the project covering absolutely EVERY stage so you can see that you are not missing anything out or having misunderstood the material (which can be ambiguous at times).

The training team did a fantastic job of rewriting the orchestrator training (from 2018.1 to 2018.2 I completed both as after completing the 2018.1 I still felt unhappy with my understanding of orchestrator) making it much clearer to follow but the advanced training walkthrough document (as far as I’m concerned is unbearable.This is obviously just my opinion. There are too many gaps in the documentation about how to complete various tasks, It’s still easy at this stage to be confused about where to put or how to create various logic processes especially with the number of different areas in the REFramework).

I’m going to go away and restart the advanced course from the beginning (but I know there are many areas in the projects that this will not help).

I’ve really enjoyed working with this tool and hope to further my understanding but at the moment I’m hitting a big wall (Maybe I’ll go and do the other new courses and the SAP training for a bit but I REALLY want to be able to move forward with this section).

Hey. @charliefik Did you get some leads regarding the REFramework?

Basically the best thing to do is just start following the documentation. Test each section independently if possible (with default values) and then go to the forum with specific issues giving as much detail as you can (screen shots of errors, upload the problem xaml code so people can try it out for themselves). Hopefully someone will be able to point you in the right direction for that specific problem.

There is no point just asking for general help (like in this post that I put out as no-one will know what to do to help).

Thats the best advice I can give.

Good Luck