Chapter 3

I can see the value in my company using this product, however, I am having issues learning this program. according to the material you do not need to be a programmer, but I am finding myself asking our programmers. I am stuck on chapter 3. Some of the practice skills were not even talked about I am not understanding how to do some of the stuff. I cannot pass the test is it possible to show which ones you got right so you know which ones you still need to focus on learning? Can someone contact me at 817 352-1944.

Thank you

It should show which ones are correct on the tests (green/red marks + score for each question).
You could also join the weekly Q&A session, sign up link is in the Academy, to get more direct answers about your doubts.
If you could elaborate, assuming you have the time for it, on which parts you feel weren’t talked about but asked on the tests, it could help in improving the Academy as well.

I’d say that you don’t need .Net professional experience (of course it helps) and it is learnable as you go, but a certain mindset of thinking like a programmer is, in my opinion at least, required. Thing is, most people are not trained by our education systems to think like programmers, which still is surprising to me in today’s day and age.

Either way, the weekly qa could be a good place to start.