UIPath Practical Test Help needed

Hello I need help doing the Practical Test, I passed the online yesterday. But I’m having a hard time understanding what is needed for the Practical test. I need help. I need to be able to pass this.


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We have to complete the given practical task with in 3 Hrs 30 mins. And also we should use REFramework only to complete this task. If you completed Academy Level 3 training then it will be very helpful to complete this.

Note: There are 3 attempts only. After that you have pay money for extra attempts.

All the best @Betiche49

where can I complete Academy Level 3 is there a link that I can use to get there.

Where do I find Academy Level 3 training pls advice

Hello @Betiche49,

You can find the Advanced course in https://academy.uipath.com/.

More exactly:


I’m looking there but I do not find it…I am not having any luck finding this course

I really need help, I can not find this and pls give me the full link
or help me take the test

I can see it on my profile:

If you have time, you should do every course from Academy.


this is my profile


Enroll in the RPA Developer Training and complete that.

Did you created an account and sign in to the academy?
Maybe that’s the reason why you don’t see the entire list.

where do I go from my profile, I need help. I would appreciate any help. I’m so scared to take the test I don’t want to fail it.

Ok I created an account and was able to locate Level 3 course, I almost had you take the test for me…
Im so in need of passing this test

That’s great!
Good luck on the certification!

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OK did lesson level 3 and still confused…

It would be a good idea to walk through the RPA Developer course.

I did complete that course also I guess im just not feeling so confident in my own abilities to pass the test…

If you’ve passed all the others, the practical exam is easy!

Give it a shot, if you fail the first round, you’ll have two more attempts.

is there a practice test that we can take

Just the academy courses you’ve already done.