Where Snapshot will be saved

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I was trying to take a snap from the browser and want to send it on an outlook mail address.
So want to know where the snapshot will be saved when my sequence took snap of the screen.
and how can I get access to that snapshot from sequence?


Hi ,
If this is taken with the take screenshot then it can be stored using save image to preferred location and can be later used in the outlook as attachment.

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Hi @sachin_yadav1,

Whereever you need to take screenshot and save that to a particular location, you can make use of “Take screenshot.xaml” which is provided by default by re-framework.

You can call this xaml in your workflow where you want to take screenshot and do save it. And you can pass the path into this xaml as input argument where you want to save screenshot.

I am also attaching that xaml for your reference.
TakeScreenshot.xaml (8.0 KB)


Thank you Sonali for your assistance, I really appreciate It.
will definitely try this , thanks a lot

Hi @sachin_yadav1,

Now that your query has been resolved, could you please mark solution so this topic can be closed.


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