Where is the Take Screenshot Workflow in the Framework?


So my program is taking screenshots at the wrong time in my program. But I am not able to find a Invoke TakeScreenshot.xaml workflow or even a Take Screenshot activity anywhere in my program.

My program is in UiPath’s Robotic Enterprise Framework. Does anyone know where this activity is in the framework exactly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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!Try searching for it in the search bar! :slight_smile:

It is inside the Framework folder!

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Thank you, I’ve tried this but I still can’t find it. I would think this is in some sort of default location in the framework. I’m able to find the .xaml file but I need to find it within my project. The search bar doesn’t work unless the Workflow is open and I don’t want to open every workflow because there is a lot of them. Any other ideas / suggestions?

The Takescreenshot Workflow in REFramework

  1. In Reframework goto Process Transaction
  2. In Catches goto Final
    a)Goto Set TransactionStatus
    b)Goto Handle System Error
  3. You will find Take Screenshot.xml

Hope you found the answer for your question.


@Mark you will find it in your RE Framework Folder \Exception_Screenshots