How to take a screen shot of selected area on the screen


Hi ,

I have task where i need to take snapshot of the on screen and save it so i can use it in word document while creating the report



everyone i found the ans how do it but when i’m trying to delete this post i didn’t find any option. Does anyone know how i can delete the post .


Hi @ddpadil,

Instead can you upload the working example of the process which can be of help to others?



Here we go. :slight_smile:

screenshot.xaml (10.2 KB)

Capture Output in Table

@ddpadil - Any special package need to be installed to run this example?


i dont think so ,but just check the screen shot attached and try to navigate to choose the activity.If not then add the packages .


Take Screenshot is there but still getting error, Not sure which activity it is


Hi @kuldip.gohil

It is working with my uipath studio. what version you are using. Due to backward compatibility sometimes you will get this with previous versions i guess but they are working to make mostly things backward compatible. i have raised some concerns which i have faced to them.

for now you can do "first update all packages then you will be able to see this activity?

if not then try this same upload i just opened with my studio and let me know now you are able to see or not?

screenshot.xaml (10.2 KB)


UIPath Add Image failed

@aksh1yadav Thanks for your time for looking into this.

My Uipath Version: 2016.2.6165

Getting same error in your script as well.

My packages are updated apart from Excel and Mail activities.

Kuldip Gohil


I am using the same version you have…



Updated Package & Restarted Studio, still no luck.



@aksh1yadav is right. Hope you @kuldip.gohil updated all the package in UIPATH and make sure you do update those package , because of filter option in package you might be missing some package, make sure you update all and restart the uipath .It should work.:+1:



Hi aksh1yadav,

Is it possible to use screenshot in looping method variable automatically take a screen shot according to criteria and paste it to folder.


Hi, how do I save the screenshot as an image to a folder on my desktop?



  1. Use Take screenshot activity and create output **variable (x)**of type image image activity (pass varaible x as the input)


I understand that but am struggling to create the output variable for the screenshot


just hit this shortcut key ctl+k and type variable name .
here we go
saveimage.xaml (7.7 KB)


Thank you! How do I call a variable within a string?

The variable is “Table”





i have one doubt ,can any one give solution for this
i am running one application in that one process loading and till it completes need to wait there itself after that it shows the message “Calculation process completed” after that only i need to take screen shoot and save in my local system then i need to send a mail to the corresponding person

Can any one help me this issues ?

Thanks In Advance