Where are the project published from orchestrator and downloaded on local/remote system stored?

Hello All,

I have been struggling to find the location where a process/project that is published to orchestrator and being run on a remote robot machine actually being stored on the system.
I am trying do download the project from the robot tray on my machine however facing to issues.
Do we need any specific port for this download , also can someone help me with the location the code gets saved to machine?

I don’t know if you need a specific port or anything, that will depend on how your network is configured. For ours we don’t have to do anything special.

The packges should be installed in C:\Users\*your_username*\.nuget\packages.

HI @rinki

I don’t think you can download a package that is running through the robot tray. I haven’t seen such option there. However, you can download a package through the Orchestrator. Once you are in the Orchestrator, navigate to Packages page. There under package versions of a given process, you have the download option which you can use to download the packages to your machine.


Additionally, all the processes that are run through the Orchestrator and the robot are downloaded and stored in the below path.

Hi @rinki

%programdata% uipath and package and check it out


Ok thanks all.
Another question what all are URL are required to be enabled to ensure the project will run on any robot machine.
I have firewall restrictions , hence want list.