Question regarding published packages

Hi everyone, i have a question regarding deploy packages from Orchestrator to the server where the bots are installed.

I have several servers installed with robots and i’m developing on my local developer laptop.

  1. If i publish the package to Orchestrator and want to download the package on the servers. Do i still need to copy my programming files / folders onto the server with the same path and folder structure or it’s done by Orchestrator automatically?

  1. If i published the package on the servers at first (so the programming files/folders already exist on the server) and adjust the programming files on my developer laptop. After the adjustment i publish the package from my developer laptop and assign the process to the robots on the servers. would the programming files which are already on the servers affect my published process? Do i need to overwrite the programming files on the server?

Maybe additionally, what is exactly inside the published package?

One additional question:

If I’ll need a additional mapping file to help me to automate the process e.g an excel file with company code and company name for SAP. If I publish the whole project and this mapping file is inside the folder where the “main.xaml” is located, would this mapping file also be in the published package? (Similar to the config excel file?)

In short, whatever is in your project will be packaged up into the nuget package. Can take a look for yourself, locate your published packages (C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages), and unzip it.

When a package is published to Orchestrator, it is not automatically pushed out to the Robot, this is done when the process/job is initiated, Orchestrator will check the package version and the required dependencies and if needed will be fetched by the remote Robot service.

If you have dependencies outside of the published project, you’ll need something external to UiPath to handle that for you, or build it into automated process / deployment pipeline.

In one process that I’m developing, it required PuTTY so as a prerequisite, PuTTY is installed / baked into our VM.

Another process relies on some Java applets, most can be run over a network share but can be slow and one actually fails when used over a network share so as part of the process being automated, it checks to see if the Java applets are available locally and if not will copy then to the local robot’s machine from the network share.