Download Package from command line

Hi there,
I would like to know how to download a process package from Orchestrator to my Agent Tray.

I need to do it without running the process.

Can you help me, please?

Thank you

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Sorry I didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details about the issue.

Why you want to download published packages from Orchestrator to Robot tray ? If your Robot machine Connected to Orchestrator then published processes will show in Orchestrator else you can find it in UiRobot tray.

I have such a configuration:

  1. The robot tray is opened ONLY to run a process, than it is closed
  2. The machine where the robot is has the users directories cleaned every day

Given this configuration, the first time every day I run the robot, I have some delay to make the robot download the process.

What I want to achieve is that, every time I log to the machine, the robot starts and download the package, in order to skip the delay. I can easily do it adding a command line to the log in procedutre, than I am looking forward to a command line that make the agent download the process from Orchestrator.

Hi @Giuseppe_Intini
Yes you can ,
Just copy C:/users /username/nuget (this folder is hidden)
Copy your nuget folder into your robot install machine on same location

Then robot will not download packages from orchestrator :slightly_smiling_face: