How to run nuget file

I have lost the data from my local machine, I have published the changes in orchestrator and downloaded the latest version nuget file. Now I am not sure how to run that file to get the project back make changes

@somya.sijaria Is the Machine Still Connected to Orchestrator and are there processes present in the Robot Tray ?

Yes …Process is active but the robot is disconnected

@somya.sijaria Have you Checked this Path in your System :

Checked it.

@somya.sijaria If it’s not pesent, after you download the process from the Robot Tray, It should be visible in that location. If the Robot is Still Connected to the Orchestrator and there are processes published in there, Then it should be available in the Robot Tray for Download. After you have downloaded it, it should be present in that location.


Thanks. This worked :slightly_smiling_face:

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