Write range activity return a sheet empty

i have a read csv activity return a database, then i used write range to whrite the database in an excel file, but the file sheet always empty after the execution i verified that the database is not empty, and i don’t have any error,
any idea to solve this problem?

Before excel application scope use a writeline activity and let’s check whether the datatable has records in it or not
For that in writeline activity mention the datatable obtained READ CSV file, to gets to rows count like this

This will help us in validating the datatable before writing it with read range

And if that gives us some count then make sure that the datatable name mentioned in read range is same as we get from read csv

Cheers @rchabbeh

yes, i have check the datatable count return 1032 (rows), and it’s the same variable in read csv and write range, should i change the propreties of the execel application scope?

Based on image It seems like we are using IF condition
Is it so

YES, i have if condition for the file path exist or not if yes, i use the write range to update the file !

I am facing the same issue, did your problem got resolved?