Filter sheet and write range coming up empty

Hi guys, I need help with issues am facing with regards to opening an excel application scope, Read range, filter data table and write the results in a different sheet. once is execute this, the sheet comes up empty which its should not.

-I have set the Read Range output data table
-and used the read range output and an input for the filter
-creates and ouput variable for the filter’s output which I used in the write range input data table

First make sure there is data after Read Range AND after Filter.

If possible can i have a view on the FILTER WIZARD with a screenshot

-column name is based on column index

is the column at 6th index position having values apart from 0 in it
kindly check that once
lets try with SELECT method like this
datatable = datatable.Select("[columnname] <> ‘0’ ").CopyToDatatable()

Cheers @mb977

Make sure the column is really of numeric type…