Excel write range didn't update it properly

Hi Everyone,

My issue is i compare two excels using filter tables for 3 columns , if it matches i use assign activity and finally write range to update the values accordingly.

But the issue is some times normally it works fine , even after matching datas and doing other steps correctly , when i check the excel , datas are not all updated

so is there any way to cross verify if data is updated correctly to avoid data loss.
@Palaniyappan, @Yoichi any suggestions pls
Thanks in advance

Hi kavya,
did u checked in debug mode and in local panel can u able to find the data in the assigned variable name?

Hi @Aasif yes i could find the data in assigned variable , like its works fine for like 85% of the time causes this issues sometimes

@kavya.s16 In my experience sometimes Workbook activities fails to do the work. Try to go with excel application scope.

@Aasif i am using excel application scope only :frowning:

Hi @kavya.s16 ,

Are you writing it on an already existing excel sheet with data, if that’s the case , try writing the result in a new sheet and check whether the same issue is there

@Sam_Abraham i need update the excel already existing excel sheet only , thing is issue doesnt occur often but still its a data loss issue so checking if there is way to make sure that data is updated correctly after using write range

Are you facing the issue when the count of data(no. of row items) in the output of filter datatable is less than the count of already existing data in the sheet where we are writing the updated data

@Sam_Abraham but here there is both cases , either cell is empty and bot updates it or cell already consists of values and bot overwrites it

Its not am updating or adding full row , but like 3 columns in a row are update and based on inputs many rows in a sheets

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