When using email account as a variable in the Outlook app, it can't find the folder

Hello everyone.

  1. I have been using Activities " Using Desktop Outlook App" when using an email account with a dropdown menu and then using Activities " For Each Mail". It works fine

  2. But when using an email account as a variable, it doesn’t work. It says the folder doesn’t exist

  3. When I run this bot and I am using the same account for both, it is not finding the folder. In the (2) Image

Thanks in advance. and I apologise for the poor grammar.

Hey @Jayant_Kumar_Singh,

Is the same account you are passing in the variable and that account is configured in your machine and also check the folder path correctly.
If folder name is abc and its created in Inbox than the path would be Inbox\abc


@Jayant_Kumar_Singh you are getting from that folder which is not existing.

The folder variable should look like this: "Inbox\Tutorials\SubfolderSample"

In the Use Desktop Outlook App activity, in the Properties → Options → Account mismatch behavior → choose UseDefaultEmailAccount

The default Outlook email account you will see here:

Reference: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/outlook-application-card

I have 2 account in my Outlook App and the Folder location is in not in default Account. and i have many automation in default Account so i cant change it that will make other automation unusable

Then, add in local system multiple Outlook accounts and select it manually from the drop-down menu.

In the Use Desktop Outlook App activity, in the Properties → Options → Account mismatch behavior → i change it to Fail it says

Use Desktop Outlook App: The account mailAccount could not be found.

Okay but Is their is any way to use variable to select Email Account in Outlook App

Show us the Outlook email profiles on the machine in order to see if you have more than one profile.

Do you want to see this or something else?

Unfortunately, your requirement will not work. You should use the Plus menu and select the available profile from the list.

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Thanks for all your help @marian.platonov