Move outlook mail message activity throwing error -Used for Shared mail Box

Hi everyone,
I have this 2 email ids.
1st is my Personal id
2nd is a Shared mail box.

For this Project i want to access the Shared mail Account.
I am using USE DESKTOP OUTLOOK APP activity and using the Account Name under Account.
Then I a, using Get Outlook mail messages and in PROPERTIES (Account- Using the same Account name as in Desktop outlook app and MailFolder=“Inbox”)
The automation is able to read the new email.

Then I want to move the email to Success folder. I use MOVE OUTLOOK MAIL MESSAGES.
Properties(Account- Same as mentioned in USE DESKTOP OUTLOOK APP, MailFolder=“Inbox\Success”

I also tried “Inbox”- It didnt work so tried “Inbox\Success”

It worked for 2 runs, 3rd time when i run the automation it throws an error saying “SPECIFIED FOLDER WAS NOT FOUND”

Can anyone please help me with the issue.


Hi @db64a40e754add3bd2df0ad39,

If you are using the Desktop Outlook can give you issues for the settings of outlook.
For example:

In my case, I prefer to use Microsoft Office 365 with Mail Services, because It’s the most stable, dynamic and fast.
You can see two videos and the documentation below.

For example:

Set Authentication

(How to Setup and use Microsoft Office 365 with UiPath - Full Tutorial - YouTube)

UiPath Settings

UiPath - Microsoft Office365 Part2 - Outlook and Calendar - YouTube


Have a great day!
Please let me know if you need anything else.

Make sure every outlook mail message activity is inside use desktop outlook app activity.