Use Desktop Outlook App - need Account field editable

Having the Account field as a static pulldown that shows accounts in the local Outlook app isn’t good design. How do I set it to use an account that I don’t have, but exists on our server that runs the automation?

After further fumbling and working with a UiPath support rep to try to figure this out, I’ve decided the Use Desktop Outlook App activity just isn’t usable. It’s a good idea, but it needs to be finished. The Account field says string but doesn’t require double quotes, and you can’t use an expression. So there’s no way to get it to pick up that the account it should use on my machine during development is different than the account it should use running unattended or on someone else’s machine.

So I went back to using Get Outlook Mail Messages…

Hey Paul,

Thank you for giving details about what do you try to achieve.

The Use Desktop Outlook App is made to use email accounts that are on the Machine where you build the robot.

For more complex scenarios such as the ones you have described I encourage you to use the new Outlook Activities from Microsoft Office 365 Package with Integration Servies.

With those you have a new concept called Connections & Bindings and you are able to build on a Connection (Email Account) and set the bindings (Email Folder) and then, Publish it through Orchestrator on a different Connection (Email Account) and on a different Folder.
As well, if it is allowed on each machine, the user can specify a different Connection and Folder.

This allows you to build on an Account and then use a different one at the Runtime level.