When I set “[Queitem].SpecificContent,” Error,“Too many arguments…” always appear

*I use Studio 2023.4.0 Community Edition

I’m a beginner of Studio, so I’m sorry for this is an elementary mistake.
I’m practicing setting values to a queue and getting them.
I can add values to a queue, and probably get them, but I cannot get a specific value from queueitem type.

I referenced the below document, and in Assign activity, I set “que_QueItem.SpecificContent(“Value”).ToString”, but an error appears everytime.

“Argument Value”(2):error BC30057:Too many arguments to ‘Public Overloads Property SpecificContetn As Dictionary(Of String, Object)’.”


To get a specific value from queueitem type, how do I write line?



Is it a c# project?

If yes try this



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Hi @nkohnama ,

Try this.


If it throws error, manually type it instead of copying. It will work.


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Thank you for your reply.
I checked my project and it was VB based, but I’ve never cared whether VB or not, so I will check it in the future.

Thank you for your reply.

When I entered the formula as you showed me (manually), the error disappeared and I was able to get the value of the specified key!
Thank you for providing an apt answer.
(Sorry for the delay in replying, I was running into another error in the activity of getting the transaction.)

By the way, the various documents refer to the formula, “[Queueitem].SpecificContent”, but is there any difference between when it works with "[Queueitem].SpecificContent " and when it works with "[Queueitem].SpecificContent.GetValueOrDefault "?
If you know, it would be helpful for future reference.

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