Error BC30057

Hello everyone, I have a problem in the sequence part, specifically in assign, it gives me this error: error BC30057: Too many arguments to ‘Public Overloads Property SpecificContent As Dictionary(Of String, Object)’



It might be something wrong with xaml file internally.
For now, can you try to put new Assign activity and set same expression into it?



As suggested try with new assign…nothing looks wrong in it…also it would be better if you can close the project and rename the project.json file and reopen and then try to perform the steps

Alternately check the same by creating a new project and issue persists…if not try copying the contents to the new project

Hope this helps


I just had the same issue. And what solved it for me was a very curious attempt. I created a message box right before the assign, with the following command, and the Issue disappeared:



thanks you very much i m happy wiht the solution you have given me

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