.SpecificContent error BC30057

Hello, I am trying to complete the Generate Yearly Report assignment but I am stuck on the process part. When I navigate to WorkItems in System Acme 1 I want to navigate to the correct workitems So I tried to do the following:

But as you can see, this gives an error which says “Error BC30057: Too many arguments to “Public Overloads Property SpecificContent As Dictionary(Of String Object)””. I am not sure how to solve this, could anyone help?


Close the project …rename the project.json and reopen and check if resolves

else try changing the system package and check if its resolved


Hi @Floris_Maat ,

Maybe also try removing the value, Click Ok, Save the workflow and try adding the value again.

Hi @Anil_G and @supermanPunch , thank you so much for the replies. It did not seem to work but I solved it by using this: Error BC30057 - #5 by Anil_G and the post by @andreas.walter.

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Good to know my post helped you

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