Error BC30057 Transactionitem

Hi all,

When I try to assign my transaction item details like: Transactionitem.SpecificContent(“Queue data text”).ToString

The next error appears:
Validation Error (2) : error BC30057: Too many arguments to ‘Public Overloads Property SpecificContent As Dictionary(Of String, Object)’. Main.xaml

Anyone who has an idea what’s going wrong?
Seems like it’s related to the new updates? Because with the older versions it worked always fine.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @M_L ,

Could you maybe let us know the assignment operation ? It could be better if you show us the Screenshot of this, so that we can confirm the problem.

Also, Check by re-typing the statement/Expression (Not Copy Paste). When re-typing, make sure you remove the value, save it, then re-type the expression.

Let us know if you were able to perform this.

Additionally, take a look on the post below :

I tried, didn’t work for me…

@M_L ,

If the above was also ensured, Can you remove the value and let us know if the error still remains ?

Hi @M_L ,

Try this:

Transactionitem.SpecificContent.GetValueOrDefault(“Queue data text”).ToString


Thnx this works :slight_smile:

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