How the queue would bring a error like that

  1. Get Transaction Item with a variable with TransactionItem
  2. Assign TransactionItem specific content to variable a
  3. the expression bring up a error as below
    why? I copy step by step with the acdemy video, but it getting wrong, someone help me please?

Hi @vivachen - Can you delete that assign activity, take new one and type everything manually again, save your workflow, wait for a minute


Hi @vivachen ,

As mentioned privately, do check by re-typing the expression if the error resolves or could you check the below post, it has an alternative method of accessing the value :

When also re-typing make sure you remove the expression first, Save, and then Re-type the Expression.

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Can you check once is the TransactionItems is a type of QueueItem?

Check below

As above If we have TransactionItems as QueueItem Type then you can use as


Hope this may help you



Also check if you have same Name in Arguments as well


I `am sure it is queue item type, and no other same argument

Thank you, this is working

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