Get item values from "get queue items"

Hi guys,

I’m trying to extract failed queue items from today and write them to a file.

I’m using “Get Queue Items”, I tried converting the musing ToList, then extracting the item vlaue normally with .SpecificContent(“Arg1”).ToString.

I get the error “Option Strict On disallows late binding”. I tried looking this up, but can’t seem to manage. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Hi there,

Which type property has the item in the for each activity? To make the .SpecificContent it must be a QueueItem I guess…


Thank you Pablo for the quick reply. Do you mean, that I have to create a variable “item” and set the type to Queueitem?

I tried that. The warnings dissapeared, but when I run it I get:

“Log Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

I also tried to do the same in the TypeArgument dropdown - same result.

BTW. I usually do not create the variables reffered to in the “For Each” command, because UiPath seems to manage without it.

No I dont mean create variable item. I mean change its type in its properties, look:

if Item isnt QueueItem type, you wont be able to use item.SpecificContent…



Yes I did that:

“I also tried to do the same in the TypeArgument dropdown - same result.”

I modified the post above a few seconds after I first posted it.


Its weird, dont know how to solve… maybe its a bug… try to use other activity like assing and then pass the variable of the assign to the log message…

The QueueItem has inside its info a field called “Arg1”, right?

Sorry for not be more helpful


Ok, we solved it. the first value of Arg1 was null, therefore it had a problem with converting it to string. But in general the first solution you gave (changing the TypeArgument to QueueItem was the right solution). Thank you.

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@loszavera Thats great, thank you too.