Whats the best approach to disable the popup "Restore Pages.Chrome didn't shutdown properly"

Hi Team,

Whats the best approach to disable the popup “Restore Pages.Chrome didn’t shutdown properly”


Hi @Teenu

don’t use Kill Process instead of the use Close Application or Close tab Activity


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Ok, but will it sign out from the application too?

hi @Teenu

yes. why, did u facing any issue on sign out from application ?

you can make Open browser output Uielement as close application input

Close Tab-I am able to find an input property.But not for Close Application

Hi @Teenu,

I think the best way to solve this issue is to use incognito mode. Select the ‘Private’ like the screenshot.


But somehow its not working. The code breaks.

It was working fine for IE browser(private mode)

Thank you. Close Tab is working

Hi @Teenu

u can give Browser variable into element variable field it will works .
please find below screen shots

close tab activity will work only one tab open but close application will work multiple tab open also.

my suggestion is close application only

thanks & regards

Ok sure, Thanks for the advice

I am switching between two applications. Second application is not getting signed out when we run the application for second time

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