Not able to close browser

I am trying to closed browser.I am getting this message as mention in attachment.I try to click leave button but not work Untitled Can any one help me any other way to close browser.

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If you want to Close the browser as “KIll the IE” , you can kill the process

I think kill the process will stop the execution.??I want if there is any error occur then closed the browser and then call main .xaml to re run it again

Hey @Aditya10989,

The kill process activity allows you to kill open applications. In the ProcessName field, specify the application name (for example, Google Chrome will be “Chrome” and Internet Explorer would be “iexplore”). Hope this helps


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yes it work me but now how to remove this restore page popup.As mention in attachment

Hey @Aditya10989,

You can use an Element Exist on it, indicate the popup, and if it exists then click close.

not worked already try

Hey @Aditya10989,

Try this attached workflow. Take the selector from the Close Window activity

Main.xaml (8.9 KB)

You can use Kill Process Activity and pass internet explorer as input -but it will kill the current processing and the processing activity will interrupted.
you can add → Wait Element Vanish activity → and assign the processing/loading popup element. Once the wait processing element closes/disappear from the screen → activity returns value Boolean → based on that you can close the browser with close tab activity.



I have the same issue and could not resolve this with kill process.

Please help how to click “leave” on the pop up window so that the browser closes.

you can use close application activity.This will work for you