How to close Restore Pages pop up in Chrome

When the browser is launched by BOT, i am getting below “Restore Pages” pop up in Chrome.
It is happening when we kill chrome process already.

Is there any way to close this pop up once browser launched by BOT?
There are some changes we can do in program files to avoid this. But i wanted to know if there is anything can be done from UiPath itself?
I have tried to capture the selector, but cannot locate the selector for close button seperately.

If you enable the UiPath plugin in private mode, and open the browser in private mode, this window will never pop up.

Hi i see this issue was long back… but replying hoping it helps if anyone searches for same issue… @vigneshnkv we can set few properties from google preferences to disable the “restore pages” settings.
The pop-up is shown as kill process close the browser abruptly.

  1. Go to C:\Users<>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  2. Now right click on preferences file
  3. Open with notepad.

4.Search for “exit_type” and “exited_cleanly”
5. Change the values to “exit_type” : “none”, and “exited_cleanly”: true,
6.Save the file and close it.
7. Change the properties of the file to “Read-Only”
This serves the purpose. :smiley: