Chrome is update and now getting Error

hi All,

please help for now new chrome updated but every time we get chrome not proper shut down are you want restore cant handle this new popup before that we can handle

thank in advance for help

Ram Gurav

Hello @Ram_Gurav1 ,

Kindly follow the following steps.
In the Google Chrome Settings window, scroll down to the “On start-up” section and then select the Open the New Tab page radio button as highlighted in the image shown below for restricting Google Chrome from restoring tabs.


By making use of the simple and quick method described in this article, you can easily stop Google Chrome from restoring tabs and hence you can prevent the misuse of your critical work. However, if you feel at any time that you need to enable this feature again, you can simply do this by following the same method discussed above and simply selecting the “Continue where you left off” radio button in the last step.


Hello @Ram_Gurav1 - Have a look on the below link

thanks for the quick reply , i have already done but not work

@Ram_Gurav1 _ If it didn’t work how about closing that popup through automation. Try with close window activity and see how it goes


which activity need to disable , not understand

@Ram_Gurav1 You can try with UiPath close window activity if you want to handle that popup

thank for the quick reply but not find that page showing msg

we have use windows scope activity, that will work for us this solution for me

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