What practice is needed to clear UiARD v1.0 certification in first attempt?

Hi. I’ve cleared UiPath legacy certification last year. Now I’m planning to directly attempt for UiARD exam without attempting for UiRPA. I’ve completed the UiPath recommended training for UiARD v1.0 certification and also working on an RPA project from past 5 months. I’m able to score more than 80% in practice tests most of the times and 90% sometimes.

But still I do not feel confident, sometimes, when I see difficult questions in practice tests.

Did anyone directly clear the UiARD exam in first attempt without going for UiRPA exam? How strong was your preparation? How difficult was the real exam when compared to practice tests? Can you please share your experience about the exam preparation and the exam?

Is it good to have atleast 2 years of UiPath experience to attempt for UiARD exam or can I attempt the UiARD exam if I’ve gone through all the recommended training?

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