Need to learn more if yes then from where?

Hello everyone,
I am planning for UIARD this coming sunday, I have practice “Free Online practice test” provided by UiPath. I passed more than 3 times. Should I proceed to give exam ? OR should i need to explore more ?

In exam is there any different questions asked ? more than “Free Online practice test” or is it Ok that i passed it.

What should i do guys ? please guide me.
Its my dream to get UIARD certified. I am from nepal, nobody is yet certified yet so i want to become the first one.

Go to rpa advanced trainning on academy. Go with tests there (there is after each module) You can skip modules with modern design.

Check the topics from

If you doesnt have problems with those you should be ok.

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Hi @prabin_chand1

you really don’t need anything else to learn after passing the online practice test, it is very similar, but if you want to get a little better prepared, try to make both test, associate and advanced test

Associate training:

Advanced training:

Good luck in your exam!

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