How to pass the UiPath Associate Certification (UiRPA)?

Hello UiPath!

I was wondering if you can give me any tips on what to focus on in order to pass the UiPath Associate Certification. I did go over the information you have provided on the exam, but I have a couple of specific questions that I didn’t find the answer to anywhere on your sites.

First and foremost, are the questions on the certification all covered by the UiPath Associate Learning Plan (UiPath RPA Associate Certification Training) ? For example, I notice that the courses regarding the REFramework are not included in this learning plan, so does that mean that I am not to expect questions about it in the exam?

Second of all, I was wondering if there are any old example exams that you have shared (like an example of the exam from a couple of months ago), that I can use to gain a better understanding on what to focus on when learning? I know you provide a practice exam, that I will take, but from my experience with different certifications I have taken in the past, practice exams are A LOT easier than the real thing, and they only end up giving me false confidence about my knowledge. Please share any other exams I can go over in my preparation, if any exist / are available.

Lastly, when scheduling my exam, I noticed that I was instructed not to use my corporate laptop due to possible constraints it has. Unfortunately, my corporate laptop is the only option that I have available to take this exam on. Do I have anything to worry about, if I have passed my system check?

Thank you so much for your answers!
I am in awe of how responsive and kind your forum is. Keep up the good work!

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Hi @trajkoskisara, welcome to the Community.

Please make sure that you have covered all the necessary topics from the exam point of view & get some hands-on experience by opening the studio, dropping the activities & getting to know about their property. You don’t have to be an expert to clear UiRPA but concept understanding will help you a lot. Please refer the exam description in order to clear the exam without any hassle:

UiPath Certified RPA Associate v1.0 - EXAM Description.pdf (232.7 KB)

Once you are familiar with the exam pattern, topics & stuff, please take the free assessment test provided by UiPath. This will help you evaluate your preparation & exam facing strategy:

Please don’t rely on any external dumps & demo exams & make sure you register for the exam from UiPath’s official site only.

Hope this helps,
Best wishes for your exam.

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Thank you so much for your tips!

Do you have any answers to my questions above?

Go for their Practice test in the first place, Do academy training , build a small project on UiPath acne website and you should be good.

For your laptop you would have to check with pearson guys.

So to answer my questions, the topics should be covered by the academy training?

Also, who are the “pearson guys”?


The topics that you need to cover for the examination is completely available in the UiPath Academy in the form of Courses & Practice tests.

Meanwhile, Pearson (also referred as PearsonVue) is a testing agency with which UiPath exams are associated with. They provide expert testing services for the entire exam lifecycle to help the candidates move to progress, while driving the certification or licensure program to new heights.

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Yes, Academy training holds all the topics for certification, however just studying them won’t do the trick you need to do hands on as well.

Pearson is the agency which conducts certification, they could help with certification queries and if your
hardware and network is upto the mark for certification.
At the time of certification also, since this is a proctored exam, they do a system check.