Practice Test for new Uipath certifications

Hello Guys,

Getting bored due to Lockdown or Long weekend ? Don’t worry. We will utilise this free time to learn new things and improve our skills.

As you people aware, Uipath introduced two new certifications called

  1. UiPath Certified RPA Associate(UiRPA)
  2. UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer(UiARD)

Take free online practice tests to ensure you are ready to take the proctored exam.

Online Test URL: RPA Certification - Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath

I am done. Are you ready to take this ? I challenge ( @Palaniyappan @RajeshT @Ashish_Verma) to take the course. Once done let’s challenge others to take this free online practice test.

Note: sorry guys, I can’t tag more than 3 persons.


Can you explain how can we attempt practice test and how many practice test will be there .Thanks in advance

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Hi @Siva_Murthy

If you go to the link provided by @lakshman, you will see two streams. The associate and the advanced one. The practice sessions can be taken unlimited times until you are familiar. There are two practice session links for each course.

Good luck!!

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In the above link I opened it but in that I didn’t have account . I attempted to create account it was asking that certification id . I only have legacy certification id

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Which link did you click to register? I never came across a certification ID :thinking:

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this was the pic

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Did you use this link ?


The practice tests are at step 3 on our landing page and can also be found below:


Hi @lakshman

Thank you. It was helpful.



Congrats @Boopathi :clap::clap:

I cannot cross 60 on first attempt. Need to work more on my basics and gain more knowledge :sweat_smile:

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got 69%


Hi please help me how can i login so i get practice test when i open this link schedule your exam today its show.

hi @Taruna,
the links for the practice tests are located at step 03 on our landing page, please try them again directly from here:


Hi, anyone knows whats the correct answer to this? I’ve done this practice several times but still can’t get the correct order.

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Yes I also tried in different ways but not getting correct answer for this :unamused::unamused:

Did anyone know answer for this ?


Thought process:

  1. Look at only those with Deadline
  2. Among those with Deadline, High priority>Normal>Low regardless of what the deadline is. If same Priority, then sort by earlier deadline.
  3. Then among those without Deadline, sort by higher Priority

Hope this is clear enough!


Thanks @dion.chan

2 4 1 3 this is correct sequence

Step1: Split the items having dead line into Group 1 and others in Group 2
Step2: Group 1 processed based on priority, if same priority go with dead line dates
Step3: Group 2 processed based on priority as there is no dead line