UiPath Advanced RPA Developer Cert (UiARD)

Hi all

I have been a developer in UiPath for some time so though it was about time I took the practice Exam, I got a 75% pass :slight_smile: being pleased with myself I wanted to check how accurate this Practice Exam is to the real paid one my Gut feeling is to study some more till I can hit above 80% but is this over kill

Thanks fella Dev’s :smiley:

Welcome to the UiPath community! @LittliBearbot

suggestion is to work on the topics for which you marked wrong and also go through the 2020.10 updates course on UiPath academy. You did a good job in practice, keep learning.

Also there are series of sessions going around that helps you prepare for the certification exam, do attend that if possible. Link to event page below

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thanks for the advice, can I take it then that the UiARD practice test is a good measure?

Surely yes. It gives you a better understanding of your areas of improvements

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Awesome, Again thanks for the advice

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