What is this? some body help me! I am very curious

There are 3 blanks, please explain in detail friends

These are conditions that tell the Queue how to process the items where they Hit the Queue

For example, on the first line you are saying trigger the first job when one item is written to the queue

The second que is most important. You most likely will have the job that is currently in pending state and another in the running state at the same time because items can hit the queue faster than they are processed.

Example: If 5 items hit your queue, 1 job will be in running state because in the third line you have told the job to trigger for every 1 item that hits the queue. Therefore 4 jobs will be waiting in pending state and 1 will be running.

Therefore in Line #2 if you enter value 1, most likely that will not work. You may have to set it to say a high value of 5 because 1 job can either be pending or in running state at a given point in time, but not both.

This is how my settings look when we tried out Orchestration process:

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