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I’m using On-prem Orchestrator and my question is regarding the queues functionalities and the linking with Triggers.
My use case is the following:
I create a queue based trigger and I set up the minimum number of items to trigger the first job to 1, maximum number of pending and running jobs allowed simulataneously to 3 and another job is triggered for each 10 new items.
For example, I have a queue and there were sent 18 items. First job starts, and after few items I will stop it. Now in queue I have more than 10 items, but no new item added. At this point somewhere in time, a new job have started but I don’t know what element had triggered it because there aren’t new items added to the queue.

How can I figure out this mistery? :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ioana_Renard

If there are already existing items in the queue the queue based trigger gets triggered. Say even if you stop your process after processing 17 and only one is left as your minimum is one… the job gets triggered after sometime which is 30 minutes or whatever you set in config as yours is on prem… so even if no new item is added because of existing new items the queu based trigger is searching after some time and triggering it

Hope this clears


Hi @Anil_G,

And thank you for you reply!
Hmm, what is the configuration in order to set that time are you talking about - 30 minutes?


Hi @Ioana_Renard

There is a property in the Web.Config File.

You can find this file on orchestrator server

“Queue.ProcessActivationSchedule” this can be used to adjust the Queue Trigger time.

Modify the “30” value and pass any value between “0-59” and then restart the IIS

and make sure you recreate all your triggers as well for it to take effect


Hi again @Anil_G,

In Web.Config I didn’t find the “Queue.ProcessActivationSchedule” property, but in UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config it is available.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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