Queue Trigger starts n+1 jobs for n new queue items

Hello everyone,

I have a Process that needs to be run for each new queue item. So I used a queue trigger with “Maximum number of pending and running jobs allowed simultaneously” of 10, to send, for example, 5 queue items and all of them to be processed one after another for one robot.

The issue I am facing is that when I send 5 queue items at a time, 1 job starts running and 5 gets the pending state, running 6 jobs for those 5 items sent. Because of that, one job always get Faulted, because there is no more items in queue.

Any idea about that?

Thanks in advance.

i am also facing this issue, Do you have solution for this??


we would recommend opening a new topic to get individually help close to your settings

what was set here:
From docu: