How Queue works in Orchestrator for scheduled jobs


I have a question regarding how a queue works in Orchestrator for Scheduled jobs.

I have a scheduled job using a queue to write into same queue and access it during every execution. How the same queue works during every run as it has old entries too during previous execution of the job.


Refer “Queue Triggers” in the link


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That’s a good question
Queues usually depends on its status
If a new queue item is added to a queue then it will be in NEW State
When the same queue item is picked by a process then that state becomes IN PROGRESS

As queue item pick the fresh queue item - NEW one by one like a stack the new items once picked will change its status to in progress so that when tries to pick another queue item it will pick the next one and not the same queue item again and again

Cheers @krishbcd

Thank you Palaniyappan. Let me please elaborate little more, the entry with new will be processed and completed. Here, would like to understand,

  • how long the processed entries still in queue?
  • how may entries can a queue hold?
  • Is there any limitation of entries to a queue?



Could you please help me with one more scenario.

I have two processes, 1 to add queue, 2 to process from queue using trigger. I am using community edition.

When I am executing 1st one and adding queue, it’s not triggering 2nd job using trigger added to queue.

Is it something that using same robot? I could not understand this.