Queue trigger - All item processed by single queue only, even if 2 job was trigger to process the queue item

Hello all,

I am new on UiPath and trying to explore more on queue trigger.

I have created a queue trigger with following property

where ,
Minimum number of items to trigger the first job. 2 item(s)
Maximum number of pending and running jobs allowed simultaneously.3 job(s)
Another job is triggered for each 4 new item(s).

when 2 new item was added to queue, one job was created with “Running” Status.
Another 4 item was added to queue, another job was created with “Pending” status. Till here all things are good.

But the main query here is, the 2 different job was created but the queue item was processed by single job i.e. by 1st job only. then what is use of another job trigger by queue trigger(When 4 new item was added).

PFA of log generated by both the jobs.

—> Job 1
—> job 2

Thank you


You need to have two run time licenses for this to work…i guess you have only one license…so only one job can be in running at a time and any other job created will directly go into pending as licenses are not available…

If license is available then second job also would have been in running state and both would run simultaneously


ok… got it.

Thank you

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Please close if the iasue is resolved so that it helps others


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