What is the safest way to handle disappearing popups on screen?

Before anything, I’ve tried the following approaches:

  1. Element Exist activity with WaitForReady option set to Complete.
  2. Get attribute activity with visibility attribute

So, what is the most confident way of checking whether some popup is shown or not? In my case - the popup is being shown for 2 seconds and then disappears.

With Element Exist activity, I always get True as a result which is wrong.

Any thoughts on this?

depending on other details

some popups can be inspected on its display status (e.g. CSS display property, e.g. JAVA/SAP Attribute relativeVisibility)

So we can do Web:

relativeVisibility: get Attribute Activity

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to use this component.

we would recommend to do the analysis anyway. Once the triggers are cleared, we cancheck for alternate options

Hey, @bp777 ! You can use “On Element Vanish” Activities. Take a look!


Tell me if it solved your problem!!