How to use "On element vanish" or "On element appear"

I have a robot that uses a system to register some files, sometimes this system shows a message to wait because there are to many peoples using it, but it happens 1 in 20 times. The problem is, when it happens the robot continue trying to perform the next steps (like: click on next button) and in the final it closes the system. If it closes the system with the resgister unfinished, the file will be locked to edit. I’m trying to use on element vanish or on element appear activities to make the robot wait until the message desappear, but it is not working. Is there a way to make it happens? it is difficult to capture the screen because it is not common for it to appear.

This is the message

I manage to catch the error with these activities

in general we would sync the bot on random shown popup with the help of retry scope activity

for this we have different strategies in place to detect it and it is dependend on some more details of the popup like. element is fresh created or in background triggered with a display attribute

I think it is in background triggered with a display attribute

on web application often we do have the case that it is handled with css styles and display property:

on desktop applications the attribute relativeVisibility often does help for this case.

We would recommend to analyse it within UiEcplorer / Browser F12 Webtools

you can surround your project in a parallel, in the left side handle the close of the popup, in the right the activities for perfom, and in the condition set it as true so it will run always the both secuences, it will perfom your activities from the right side, and if the popups appear it will close it instantly, no matters how much or when it appears.


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