What is the best way to set the lower limit and Upper limit in the "RANGE SLIDER"in Uipath? Please help

Hi people,

I am stuck here, where I need to use the name slider and set the lower limit and upper limit for the range slider.
Like suppose in the below case, I want to set the lower limit as 23 and the upper limit as 85.

Please guide me for the same, I am really looking forward to it.


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Try to click left side round Button and use send hot key (home key) to move to 0 position.

Then use while loop activity to move one by one using Send hot key (right arrow).

The same condition apply for the right side round button also.
but here you need to use End key and left arrow key


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What would be my while loop condition?

As per my understanding the while loop should the number of times you want to move your slider to right.