Uipath send hotkey based on number

How to set total number of page down hotkey ? . For example I wanna move arrow down 5 times or move according to variable value . Any idea . Thank you,

have a look here:

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is doing for each loop only the main solution @ppr ?

didnt get you. Can you ask different? Thanks

I mean do we need to put keydown hotkey inside a loop ?

you will configure the send hot key activity as by your needs e.g. keydown
the for each will execute it as often as it was configured for repetitions (e.g. 5)

are you using enumerable.range?

give a try on a implementation similar to the screenshot

for each, Enumerable.Range(1,5) or yourVariable instead of 5
Send hot key configured to page down along with the selector where to send the hot key

why are we starting with 1 and not 0 ?

depends to your choice

You can use While loop. Initialise a var i(e.g.) with value 0 and put condition ‘i<var’.
Use assign activity inside while and increment the var.

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