Holding down shift key

Hi Experts,

I have been receiving alot of help from the Experts in the community and I appreciate everyone’s help! I am still a beginner in using UiPath studio.

For this question, I would like to ask, how can I hold down the shift key.

Firstly, I want to hold down the shift key and press the ‘down’ hotkey to highlight the cell range. However, the number of times I press the ‘down’ key is determined by the number of descriptions I have using ‘While’ activity (Loop).

Below is the script I built.

Hi @Steven_Kho

In sendhotkey please Indicate the screen


If this’s your solution please mark as solution

Hi @gulshiyaa

That’s not the solution, sorry.


User select range activity and specify the range(like “A1:A6”}

Hi @MuralidharVankamaddi

The range will differ based on the ‘Description’ variable.
So I cannot pre-define it

do you want to highlight the cell based on condition?

Hi ,Yes

hi @Steven_Kho,

I am not sure wether this will work -

you can put only the Shift hotkey before the while loop.
Inside the While Loop - we put only Down key.


Plz Check With this

If you want to change color you can change

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Hi @mukeshkala

Sorry that does not work

Thank you


Is this how the data is Placed in Excel and you want the select . Here I am having till row 13 only. …

If possible can you show how data is placed in excel .


My aim is to highlight these “Social Media Campaign…”.

Okay - Is the text at the Beginning Consistent - Social Media ?

Hi, yes.

Currently I am trying the method recommended by @gulshiyaa

  1. Assign activity: ‘Range’ -> “A19:” + “A” +(Description+18).ToString
  2. Select Range activity: ‘Range’

this solution managed to work :slight_smile:


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