How to Loop for custom range in UiPath

Hi All,

I need to loop through custom range but no matter how i try, the loop counter starts from 0 instead of specified count.
in first iteration I need to loop from 0-5 which was executed easily for this I used foreach item in Enumerable.range(1,5) for second iteration i tried by setting range 5,10 and item value to 5 but still item starting from 0 but i need to loop from 5,10.
Any suggestion to resolve the issue will be welcome!!



In my environment, it works well as the following. Please note that use not Index property but item.


you can try while loop , assign a int variable and assign it the starting value like 5 and inside the while loop condition give the ending iterator like <=20
inside the loop increment the value of the iterator by 1 or any other required increment value