What is the best way to build a bot to monitor the jobs in the orchestrator?


What is the best way to build the bot to monitor the job runs in orchestrator? I need to monitor the jobs and if something faults or doesn’t start per schedule or doesn’t complete on time, I need to trigger an email and notify the admin/developers.

Hi @Krithi1,

You can create a new process to use orchestrator API’s in this case.

This process would call jobs API to fetch details of jobs and if anything found misaligned in the results, you can have activity there to send mail to notify users.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47 - which API is it exactly? Can you please refer me to that? I don’t think there is one in swagger for that right?

Hi @Krithi1,

For every feature in orchestrator, there is an API available to make use of it.

It should be under jobs.

To see all apis available, login to your orchestrator URL and then suffix the URL with swagger/index.html

You should be able to see the whole list of apis available.


@sonaliaggarwal47 - I tried using those API’s and unfortunately they didn’t work great foe me. Do you have any samples that I could use as reference?

Orchestrator has built-in notifications for this stuff.


This will not work in my scenario I believe, since it’s all or nothing. I need to build a bot specific to a bot process/processes.