Create KPI to Monitor Bot in Orchestrator

Hello Team, Need to create KPI to monitor all Jobs of Robot in Orchestrator. For business purpose, we need monthly behavior of robots running in Orchestrator. Also we are trying this with API. Guide from you will be more appreciated.

HI @p.hirave ,

I would need more context, are you trying to download orchestrator data via API? If that’s the case orchestrator API is very simple. Please note there is a specification for each version so please choose the one that matches your environment

A few alternatives:

  • Have you considered UiPath Insights? About Insights (
  • If you’re on-prem you might be using elasticsearch for logging so you could consider a kibana dashboard Create your first dashboard | Kibana Guide [8.2] | Elastic
  • Also on-prem, depending on your expertise and level of access you may create a SSIS workflow to extract data or directly query UiPath’s DB Only do this if you know what you’re doing since you may compromise uipath’s db or it’s performance.