Pulling Logs from Orchestrator with API

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Currently, I am using a on-premise orchestrator and was wondering if there is a way to pull the orchestrator logs in real time with using the UiPath API?

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You can try getting robot logs and use them…real time in the sense whenever you retreive you can get the latest logs…so it is


Thank you for the response.

Is there a way to retrieve that in the UiPath API? I am trying to build a command/request where if I want to look at the logs without logging into orchestrator, I can run this command and it will pull the previous day logs.

If it’s possible, you’ll find it in the Swagger interface.



I am talking about the same…There is an end point for robot logs and ypu can use them… and for endpoint details as @postwick suggested pleasee use swagger so that you get the required payload and the end point details…

In that swagger look at robotlogs


I have built the robot that kills other bots if they didnt send a log in specific time, for ex 1h. It was created to get notification about those processes and to kill them, so they will not keep other processes in pending state.

With swagger you can practice your api. There is a lot of topics in forum explainig how to use API. Basically you need to filter out logs (for ex - take logs from now-1day)

You could also create a bot that log in to orchestrator, go to automation tabs, click logs choose time filter and export them so you will get CSV :stuck_out_tongue:

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