Methods to trigger a process from orchestrator

Hi all,
i have already searched on the forum for the answer but i would like to ask you the same for new hints.
We are starting to dev at work a new process that has as trigger the receveing of a mail from our customer.
So at any time we can receive an email even more of them, and i’ve already solved to read the last mail and blablabla.
Now my question is: Is possible to say to orchestrator, every time we receive an email in this mailbox start this process?
Waiting for your answers :slight_smile:

Hi @Volgin89

You could have 1 robot do the monitoring part and then trigger a job in Orchestrator via its API. I hope this thread will put you on the right track (even though it might be a bit dated):

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Hi @loginerror. Just one thought related to this thread. You say that the way to go would be for a Robot to stay more or less fully busy with monitoring a specific aspect. Let’s say you have a couple of these types of processes, one monitoring an inbox, another monitoring a file system etc… This means that there would need to be investments in multiple bots which do fairly close to nothing apart from the monitoring (truly just waiting). UiPath must have thought of a more comprehensive way for large enterprises to give employees better access to triggering processes and/or monitoring i.e. using email auto replies for triggering based on a specific content. Of course you could use some kind of BPM tool for the API post and call, this however usually means that you are relying on the IT department for creating additional infrastructure on top of the RPA tool, hence moving away from the intent of keeping things low code.

Hope this finds you okay and hopefully doesn’t come across as hasty, but I feel that this question is coming up quit a bit, while no one seems to be able to provide a solution other then the one you refer to.

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Hi @rjonasson

Not at all, it is a valid comment. I know for a fact that our team is working on some solutions to this issue.

For example, there is feature coming which will allow you to trigger process based on a new item in a specific queue. This way, you would only have to run the ‘monitoring’ process once every so often to fetch the emails and add them to the queue.

As to the current possibilities, it is indeed tricky as Orchestrator cannot ‘consume’ events for the purpose of triggering processes just yet.