What is bindings.json (also, it's causing problems)

All I did was create a new process project as I always do from the same template I’ve used many times. This time there is a new file in the main project folder, named bindings.json

I code my process like usual, test via Debug in studio, all is well. Go to publish to Orchestrator and get an error that access to bindings.json is denied.

I had to explicitly right-click the bindings.json file and check it out before I could publish this process.

I checked the template’s project folder and there is no bindings.json file, so that’s not where it came from.

And now I just noticed that after publishing, the bindings.json file is gone.

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Hey @postwick

Please share a snap or attach the file to check.

And the file is getting created in which version of studio please ?


After checking it out (so it’s no longer read only) and publishing, it’s gone, so I can’t show the file.