Searching for an official Bindings.json (Package Requirements) documentation

We are looking for an official documentation of the “bindings.json” and “bindings_v2.json” files, as well as instructions on how to clean up invalid Process Package Requirements which have been caused by faulty, automatically generated binding-files.

Background to my question:
If a process does not contain hard-coded Asset- and Queue-Names but is controlled by a config file (as it’s common in the RE-Framework), UiPath Studio generates a useless bindings.json which only contains a collection of garbage data (in fact it contains the names of the configuration variables used instead of the really necessary data objects).

This automatically generated bindings.json always causes errors on orchestrator because it inducts orchestrator server to show not matching Package Requirements inside the process management.

So we want to clean up this mess by correcting the data but could not find a way to modify the shown Package Requirements on Orchestrator once the process has been published. Also we would like to find out if there is a way to manually build a bindings.json and keeping Studio away from overwriting it with “shitty data” when publishing a new process.