Error while publishing project in studio





Hi @Mallika,

Make sure you don’t have any xaml file which have error or not relevant with respect to main workflow.

If there are any then move them outside the project folder and keep only xaml which is relevant and then publish you Project.





I have the main and json file in the folder . It still errors while publishing


Hi @Mallika,

Please check the main xaml file without any error.

Please validate before publishing.
You have validation button in the uipath menu just click and verify.



yes no validation errors, still i cannot publish



There is a chance that you published your project from a newer version of Studio previously, and so now your project.json file is in a newer format. So when you try to publish on an older version it doesn’t work. You could try copying a project.json file from another/new project and see if it works for this one instead of your current project.json file.


what i did is created another tenant of my Orchestrator and connected the Robot with it. then it got published successfully.

Another quick question,

  1. my machine num has changed. How do i update it in my old account of orchestrator.

  2. I dont see the robot i created here to run the job. [new tenant]


Any solution the point 1?
Point 2 is resolved. I can see the robot now. However 1 quick q, why does this community version says licensed while i provision the robot:


I think you need to add your new robot in the Environment that your job is Provisioned on. So click on Environments at the top and edit the “Development” Environment to include your robot.