Project contains only main.xaml after publishing


Recently I encountered a problem with publishing package and then running it from orchestrator. The package is being successfully published to the orchestrator and the process is updated. Then, when trying to run the process there’s an error

Execution error : System.Exception: Invalid package. Project json file was not found.

If we go to ProgramData/UiPath/Projects after trying to run it, the project is there but it contains only Main.xaml file.
Moreover, if after that we try to rollback to any of previous package (that was working fine), all the previous ones are now corrupted in the same way - containing only main.xaml

Any idea why this is happening or how to prevent it?

See this -

Saw this topic, but this case is different. While publishing, everything was there including json file in the proper location - after publishing only thing left is main.xaml